Clubhouse Dining & Grill Room

The Food and Beverage team at Heritage Palms is staffed by friendly individuals who are ready to serve you with a personalized experience no matter where you choose to dine! All venues are cashless.  Payments can be made by Member Charge, Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express.

Palms Dining Room

The Palms Dining Room is located in our newly-renovated Clubhouse. It boasts a picturesque view through expansive windows overlooking our 37 acre lake, making it the perfect place to enjoy a dinner with friends, neighbors and guests. The restaurant offers upscale fine dining, with a wide range of selections prepared by our Executive Chef. The extensive menu features extraordinary buffets, and theme nights sure to please everyone. Watch for flyers in our lobby and on the website throughout the year for Dinner Specials and Special Member Events! 

Grill Room

The Grill Room is open every day for lunch and dinner, and offers a more casual dining experience. The restaurant offers lighter fare, ranging from soups, appetizers and salads to burgers and sandwiches. Pizza is also on the menu prepared in our new double stack conveyor belt pizza oven. Sporting a huge, well-stocked bar, eighteen ceiling fans, and thirteen televisions for your viewing pleasure. Join us indoors or in the open air on our enclosed, roofed patio graced by a gas fireplace.

(239) 278-9090 Ext. 128
  • Hours of Operation
    • Grill Room
      Seating Times

      Monday—Thursday & Saturday
      Kitchen Closes at 8pm
      Bar Closes at 9pm

      Kitchen Closes at 9pm

      Kitchen Closes at 8pm
      Bar Closes at 9pm


      Palms Dining Room will be available for Larger Parties and Overflow Seating.
      BBQ Rib Night (plated special) 

      Prime Rib Night (plated special)

      Pasta Night (buffet)

      First Come First Served

      9am - 12pm
      Join us for a breakfast buffet
      $10 per person. 

      Football Menu Available
      12pm- Close
  • Menus

  • Restaurant Staff


      David Jones
      (239) 278-9090 Ext. 126


      Larry German
      (239)278-9090, Ext. 111


      (239) 278-9090 Ext. 128


      Joe Carlin
      (239) 278-9090 Ext. 127


      Joni Platt
      (239) 278-9090 Ext. 131


  • Dress Code

      We appreciate that there could be a complaint that another is dressed improperly and has not been removed from a Club facility. It is the policy of the Board that the staff has the discretion to admit with a private warning rather than barring when deemed appropriate.  Children ages 12 and older are required to comply with the adult Dress Code.


      The following are prohibited in the Clubhouse Main Dining Room (Palms Room):
      (i) Blue jeans and denim pants, (ii) Men’s collarless shirts, including tee shirts and sweatshirts, (iii) Gym shorts, cut offs, tank tops, midriffs or tube tops, (iv) Swimwear and beach wear flip flops, (v) Men’s hats.

      Special events where other dress is expressly allowed. 
      Proper attire and active wear allowed on the Tennis Courts will be permitted in the Main Dining Room before 5:00 pm but not during dinner service.


      In general, the Grill Room and Patio have a relaxed dress code and will permit blue jeans and other denim wear, provided they are tasteful and not ripped, torn, frayed, holed or acid washed.
      The following are prohibited in the Clubhouse Grill Room and Patio area.
      (i) Gym Shorts, cut offs, tank tops, midriffs or tube tops, (ii) Swimwear and beach flip flops, (iii) Men's caps and hats. 

      Proper attire and active wear allowed on the Tennis Courts. This includes Branded Tee Shirts (Does not include Screen Printed Tee Shirts or Undergarment Tee Shirts)
      Special events ie: Football game day wear, other sporting events and special themed events.

  • Service Fee vs Gratuity

    • If you’ve ever dined at any of our Food & Beverage outlets, chances are you’ve heard someone question the difference between the Service Fee and the option for added Gratuity. In an effort to help clarify the subject, the Club has provided answers to the most frequently asked questions below.

      “Does the server receive the Service Fee that is on my check?” The answer is yes and no. Please read on and we’ll explain. There is an eighteen percent (18%) Service Fee added to each check at all at all Food & Beverage outlets. The 18% Service Fee does not go directly to your individual server in the traditional sense. The Club collects the service fee which is then used to supplement the staff’s hourly wage. HP service staff receives a higher hourly wage than the wait staff in your typical neighborhood stand-alone restaurant. This is because they spend a good deal of their working hours setting up and breaking down the dining room for our numerous functions and events. In addition, at a club such as Heritage Palms, tables’ turnover slower than a traditional restaurant and a server may spend an entire dining period servicing only two or three tables. As a result of our unique work conditions, and in order to be competitive in attracting and retaining the best possible staff members, this method of compensation has proven very beneficial to both the Club and its staff.

      “Should I add an additional Gratuity for good service?” Yes, members are encouraged to leave an additional Gratuity for exceptional service. The enhanced wage alone is not enough to be competitive with the restaurants in the surrounding area but the combination of the enhanced base wage and additional Gratuities earned allow our staff to be on an even playing field in terms of compensation.

      “If a member writes in an ‘added gratuity’ on the receipt, does that money go to the server?” The answer is “yes.” Records are kept and each server is given the additional gratuity amount in his or her paycheck.

      “If a member leaves an extra cash gratuity with their check, does that money go to the server?” The answer is “yes.” Any additional cash gratuity given to an individual server, above the 18% service fee, goes directly to that server.

      “What about the tip jar at the lodge?” The tip jar at the lodge is divided equally amongst the service staff that is working during the shift when the tips were collected.

      Please feel free to contact the Director of Food and Beverage anytime about this or other questions you may have about the Food and Beverage department. We are here to serve you and do our very best to meet all of your culinary needs.